The Truth About Tumblr

For those of you not yet affiliated with the magical world of Tumblr, “run, run and never get involved in this” (Dan Howell).

So, now that’s out the way, what is Tumblr? Well…it’s…really, really hard to explain. There’s this unspoken contract when you sign up for your first Tumblr account that one should never, ever, divulge the secrets of the Tumblr universe, society, club…whatever you might call it. When searching for a definition, I came across:

  • “The end of your social life” (Urban Dictionary). 
  • “The meaning of life” (Urban Dictionary).
  • “There’s so many cats” (vlogbrothers).
  • “You just won’t understand. Tumblr is life and culture. It is the epitome of culture and the total antithesis of the modern day pop culture which is so ingrained in today’s children. There is no possible way to explain such a phenomenon to others. You either get it or you don’t” (Urban Dictionary).
  • “A popular, fast-acting, back-door virus that can be planted on one’s computer in under 3.5 seconds. Commonly found on all Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any Windows system” (Urban Dictionary).
  • “It is everything and nothing. It is the beginning and the end. The creator and the destroyer. The launcher and sinker of a thousand ships. The purveyor of GIFs. A writhing, chaotic mass of fandoms and communities, eternally struggling against one another, but ever entwined. That which we love and hate, and which loathes and adores us equally in return; and we call it ‘Tumblr.’ The great and terrible, everything and nothing, the beginning, and the end”  (a fellow Tumblr user).

What might one find whilst scrolling through their Tumblr feed? Another unspoken law of Tumblr is never to share such things. However, this unspoken law was broken ages ago and it’s easy to come across Tumblr posts every day. Tumblr is really just a blend of Potterheads, indie-boho music and style, selfies, Trekkies, quotes, cats, cats, cats, GIFs, hamburglars (don’t ask), hormones, emotions, Whovians, people who constantly complain about being “forever alone”, sarcasm, Supernatural fans, high-functioning sociopaths, Gleeks, and so, so much more.

Yeah…Tumblr’s pretty deep. It’s also pretty exclusive: “You either get it or you don’t” (Urban Dictionary).


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