A Biased Post Towards Tea

I’m just going to say it: tea is better than coffee. End of story. End of discussion.

While there are many coffee choices at your local coffee shop or at home, there are so many more wonderful flavours of tea that you can buy. From passion to chocolate to coconut rice cake–tea is far more diverse. Tea is also a lot cheaper than coffee, especially at coffee shops (note: coffee shops are clearly biased as they’re known as “coffee” shops).

Coffee can be good for energy, but so can tea! It doesn’t even have to be caffeinated. The difference, however, is that with a coffee, you’ll be super energetic for maybe an hour and then crash. Then you have to have another coffee. Tea is just so refreshing and awakening (there’s a Tazo tea flavour called Awake). Vote tea for all your energy-boosting needs.

I also have English heritage. So.

Favourite Teas:

  • Anything from Teavana. Teavana is yet another one of those stores where the majority of the world can only barely afford to buy the little tray to hold your tea bag. BUT if you walk past their store front enough times every month or so, you’ll have sampled enough tea to fill half a mug (though, okay, one of my friends got me Teavana tea for my birthday and I try to preserve it by using as little as possible when scooping the tea leaves into my teapot).
  • Republic of Tea’s Pomegranate Vanilla tea
  • Tazo Passion Tea (iced or hot!)
  • The blueberry tea in Kylie and Catherine’s tea corner
  • Republic of Tea’s Get Happy tea

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